Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, architect or construction manager, we are equipped to supplement your team’s expertise and insight to ensure your project’s success.

  • The start of a successful project starts with a good idea and a well-founded estimate of the costs, and among the five common project discriminators – time, cost, quality, performance, and scope – most clients concentrate their efforts on determining and controlling project costs. Accurate estimates are needed for budgeting, to verify or modify design decisions at the various stages of the project development and to analyze the accuracy and fairness of contractor bids. Triangle Projects recognizes the importance of having accurate cost estimates before a shovel even goes in the ground, so delivers solid cost estimating services based on best practices that have proven themselves.
  • Triangle Projects prepares estimates at the various stages of project development, utilizing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to code all our estimate items. The WBS allows us to quickly sort and summarize the cost information according to client need. Our estimates will utilize the latest prevailing wage data with our own material and labor productivity costs database. Our cost estimating, and management expertise encompasses a wide variety of services.
  • Triangle Projects maintains databases of historical and current construction and engineering cost figures including labor, material, and equipment costs. We are equipped to prepare cost estimates and/or verify proposed construction costs at various stages throughout the construction process for all projects. By identifying and analyzing the project’s scope, time, cost, quality, and performance, Triangle Projects develops an accurate assessment of how the construction process is unfolding over the course of its duration.

Cost Estimating and Management services include:

  • Conceptual estimates and Project Budgets
  • Pre-bid estimates
  • Cash flow modeling and trending
  • Project/program budgets
  • Value analysis
  • Value engineering cost estimates
  • Phasing bid packages
  • Analyzing bids and unbalanced bid checks
  • Developing schedules of values
  • Assessing progress payments
  • Estimating and checking change orders
  • Preparing costs to complete
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Construction Bid Estimates
  • Contract Cost Review
  • Lump Sum Estimates
  • Fixed Price Estimates
  • Value Engineering Cost Estimates
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Change Order Evaluations
  • Material Escalation Analysis
  • Project Closeout Costs
  • Claims Pricing and Evaluation

Triangle Projects estimating software list:

  • AutoCAD™
  • Autodesk Revit™
  • PlanSwift™
  • Microsoft Excel™

Construction Training
Triangle projects provide clients with an array of tools that can be immediately integrated into their management repertoire. Our training sessions provide practical project management skills that will enable clients to improve project performance and satisfy continuing education requirements.
Whether an in-house presentation, online seminar or multi-day session our experts can deliver a customized cost-effective, real-world instruction for today’s construction professionals.

To learn more about our services and what we can do for your specific project, call our team today or email us: [email protected]