Frequently Asked Questions

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● Why Triangle Projects?
Outsourcing your company’s estimating work is the easiest, safest and the most cost-effective way to develop
your business.
1. Triangle Projects can save your money because you do not need to pay for a full-time estimator and you do
not need to invest in expensive estimating software.
2. Triangle Projects works seven days a week. You won’t see any vacation or sick leave or time shortage when
working with our team.
3. All our services are covered with liability insurance. Your business will not pay for the estimation risks.

● How does Triangle Projects work?
First: Share your project(s) documents with us.
Second: We will offer you the quote for time and the cost of that project(s).
Third: You will review the received quote and issue the Purchase Order.
Forth: The estimation report will be prepared and sent to you as per cost and duration on the Purchase Order.

● Will you customize your estimate for our particular needs?
Yes. We will include or exclude any items you want. We can discuss how we will be flexible to change our default template based on your requirements.

● What is the cost?
Typically, we charge our customers based on their project’s requirements and the hours spent on each project.
So, it depends on the volume of documents, not the size, cost and the location of the project.

● Which Estimating Software do you use?
We use PlanSwift (for takeoff), Excel (for pricing) and some web-based construction databases.

● How quick can you expect a takeoff or estimate?
It varies depending on the project’s documents size, but most takeoffs are completed between two business hours (small size) to one week(large size) starting from the time we receive the Purchase Order.

● What format are the construction estimates prepared in?
We will give you the reports in PDF, Excel, and PlanSwift (if requested). We can also prepare it based on how you schedule your work.

● How do I request a takeoff or estimate?
To receive a FREE quote, send your construction drawings to  [email protected] or you can call us at

● Are your services limited to any geographical region or area?
We provide services for ANYWHERE in Canada and the United States.